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Are you ready for wintery conditions?

Posted Dec. 7, 2018

pile of emergency supplies
Be prepared with a winter auto survival kit from the American Red Cross, featuring a variety of cold-weather survival supplies.

Winter weather conditions can leave you stranded on a highway or stuck in your home without power for long periods of time. Do you have everything you’ll need to comfortably ride out an ice storm or heavy snowfall in your vehicle and home?

The Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management offers these tips:

Vehicle preparedness

  • Place blankets, gloves, scarves, stocking hat, bottled water and nonperishable energy snacks in your vehicle’s trunk to keep you warm and hydrated.
  • If your vehicle is spinning out on ice, clay kitty litter can help you gain momentum.
  • You might even consider carrying a shovel in the trunk to help get out of a snowdrift or to break up ice.
  • An ice scraper, first aid kit, flashlight, cellphone charger or power bank, screwdrivers and pliers, flares, plus jumper cables may also be needed.

Home preparedness

  • Build a 72 hour emergency kit that contains everything you’ll need if the power goes out.
  • You’ll need a good supply of emergency light sticks, flashlights, batteries, portable NOAA All Hazard radio, power bank to recharge your cellphone, blankets, stocking hat, gloves.
  • Attempting to heat your home by turning on a gas oven or using a charcoal grill may lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Remember to keep flammable items away from heat sources such as candles and fireplaces.
  • Maintain situational awareness by checking weather forecasts daily so you’ll know what to expect before you leave home or work.

To learn more about North Central Texas disaster preparedness, visit the KnoWhat2Do website.

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